High-end, Organic Soil


One of our piles of organic soil

What Makes Good, Healthy Soil?

A good soil consistency is usually classified as or described as having a loam, which is a even combination of sand, silt and clay. The most desired loam soil will have good drainage and a stable aggregate of organic matter and active carbons.

Characteristics of Healthy Soil:

  • Good Drainage
  • Good Tilth
  • Resistance to Weeds and Degradation
  • Large Population of Beneficial Organisms
  • Resilient in Unfavorable Conditions


  • Apply 1 to 4″ to Existing Soil 
  • Mix Until Desired Consistency
  • Keep Out of Reach of Children
  • Do Not Inhale
  • Not for Consumption
  • Wash Hands After Handling 
*no added chemicals, no sludge, no growth hormones