Add Valuable Nutrients to Your Soil


the benefits of composting include growing, healthy plants
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All Natural Soil Nutrients

3XM Grinding & Compost is the leading compost facility in the western slope. We strive to manage regional organic wastes as a resource, by promoting sustainable, environmentally sound and also cost effective practices. We use an integrated system of composting, waste reduction, innovative technology, unique utilization, customer service, as well as education.

Our Compost in Colorado

Throughout 15 years of experience and innovation, we have mastered the formulation of compost in Colorado that is rich in the microorganisms needed to feed the soil. We know that healthy soil leads to healthy plants, and our compost is full of beneficial microbes and fungi that are necessary for invigorating your garden. 


  • 75% Virgin Wood Fiber
  • 25% Manure


Best Uses:

  • Mix in DIY potting soil
  • Spread on new or established lawns
  • “Top-off” gardens
  • Add to your fruit trees
  • Feed container plants
*OMRI listing ensures there are no added chemicals, no sludge, and no growth hormones.

 Benefits of Composting:

To gardeners, compost is considered black gold because of its many benefits in the garden. Compost increases valuable organic matter by producing healthy bacteria and fungi. These microbes eventually creates humus, which is a nutrient-rich material.

Compost holds moisture extremely well. It absorbs more water, which leads to healthier soil. This also increases drought tolerance, which is particularly helpful for the dryer, hotter months during the summer. Soil that has the ability to hold a lot of water is important for the health of plants.

In addition to the other benefits, compost also has the ability to repel pests and plant diseases. Compost creates a healthier soil, which in turn leads to healthier plants, lawns, flowers, etc.