Ideal Comfort for Your Animals

Wood Shavings in Olathe, CO

wood shavings in olathe, co

Our Wood Shavings


  • 100% Organic Pine & Spruce Shavings
*no added chemicals, no sludge, no growth hormones


Dry wood shavings are a good mulch to use for landscaping, garden, or outdoor pathways. They can be used on their own, or as a good base for a path or area that you are going to cover with another mulch.

Wood shavings pathways can create a great looking natural path. It will be perfect for a garden pathway.  

Animal Bedding

The uses of wood shavings are vast, but one of the most popular uses is to provide your livestock, pets, horses, or other animals with comfort. For use as bedding, it provides animals with a soft layer of material that covers any hard surface.


  • Comfort: Since shavings are moisture-resistant and slow to break down, they provide comfortable, soft bedding for your animals. 
  • Hygiene: Not only are shavings free of contaminants and dirt, but they are also highly absorbent. By trapping odor and moisture, they make cleaning much easier. 
  • Health: Animals are safe to consume and breathe the shavings because they do not produce dust, This helps in the prevention of common respiratory issues in horses and other animals. 
  • Affordability: High-quality pine and spruce shavings are a reasonably priced option for animal bedding. Contact us today to learn more!