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Organic Wood Chips

some of our organic wood chips

Organic Wood Chips

At 3xM Grinding and Compost, our wood chips contain a significant amount of carbon, making them the perfect choice for an organic product that will increase nutrients in the soil. 


Often overlooked, wood chips offer a variety of amazing benefits to your plants and soil. Many outdoor plants struggle with retaining water, especially in our dry climate, but a good water retaining foundation can help. The water-retaining qualities of wood chips make them an ideal solution. 

They are also great for maintaining temperature during cold winter months by acting as a layer of insulation and taking away the initial shock of freezing temperatures. This is important for the health of outdoor plant, roots, and future growth.

Organic wooden chips are also great at preventing soil erosion and controlling weed growth by acting like a protective layer and fighting against natural erosion from rain, snow, and wind.

Synthetic Vs. Organic Mulches

Unlike synthetic mulches which add no value to soil health, wood chips break down over time and add nutrients back into the soil. Plus, they are also great to use for decoration in landscaping projects as well as playgrounds. 


However, not all are created equal. It all depends on the quality of the wood being used.  At 3xM Grinding & Compost, our wood chips are OMRI certified and Bio Preferred. We guarantee that you are getting highly nutritious, organic products.

Great Uses:

  • Water Retention
  • Walkways
  • Playgrounds or Play Areas
  • Erosion Control
  • Can Be Used as Mulch
  • Help Prevent Weeds
*Our OMRI listing ensures there are no added chemicals, no sludge, and no growth hormones.