About Our Compost Business

Green Waste and Organics Recycling Program

Learn a little background about the Mautz Brothers’ and how our compost business, 3xM Grinding and Compost, came to be…

Cows help supply organic materials
Organic Vegetables from Our Compost
gardening gloves and trowel
Worker standing next to a pile of compost

It Started With a Vision

From Cattle to Compost

It all started out when our family was looking for a way to turn the manure we gathered into something other than a liability. Something we once had to dispose of became our biggest asset. We have been cattlemen for a very long time. The feed we provide for our cattle is key. Feeding BioChar and aspen bark had a profound effect on the outcome. Cows turn feed into manure and grinders turn wood into mulch and we brought both of those ingredients together to make one of the industries leading compost.

It Grew into more

Colorado's Best Organic Compost

Through multiple years of experience and many innovations, we found ways to increase the organisms needed to feed the soil. If you have healthy soil, you will have healthy plants. Now, we have the best compost and the only OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institue) listed compost on the Western Slope of Colorado.

What Does OMRI Listed Mean?

OMRI Listed means you no longer have to question companies and the legitimacy of their organic compost. This lets customers know they can trust our products. Products that want to use the term organic, have to get their products certified by a third party company. OMRI stands for the Organic Materials Review Institute. They ensure that materials used for organic agricultural products are worthy of producing organic foods and materials. 

OMRI checks that companies such as ours are not using prohibited products or processes. For a company to be OMRI listed, they must meet the necessary qualifications. This means they only use ingredients and processes that are allowed under the organic standards.

Dumping compost in a semi truck
Graph of how our Compost company provides recycling services
Pile of Logs that are going to be turned into a compost business
Turning Log Into Wood Compost

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